210919 Lanyard with Energy Absorber for Two Hooks

*Material and Diameter:Polyester Braided Rop-Φ12.0 / Φ14.0 / Φ16.0mm
                                                   or Kernmantle Rop-Φ10.5mm with Sewn Termination and Protective Thimble
*Length:from 1.3M to 2.0M include Energy Absorber
*Certification:CE EN354,EN355,ANSIZ359.1,AS/NZS1891 
*Energy Absorber:
Material: Polyester
Certification: CE EN355
1)Standard Shock Absorber for Lanyards up to 2M Long
Fully Open Length 160cm
Dimension: 260 x 45 x 30mm
Net Weight: 250g
2)Limited Shock Absorber for Lanyards up to 1.5M Long
Material: Polyester
Fully Open Length 70cm
Dimension: 220 x 30 x 28mm
Net Weight: 145g
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